Black Quasit (J-Head V8) Black Quasit  (J-Head V8)
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This hot-end is a hybrid of the highly successful J-Head Mk V-BV and the J-Head Mk 8.  The thermistor has been changed to an axial thermistor so that you no longer need to cement it in.  In addition, it comes with a heater cartrige that is held in place by set screws.  No kapton tape is needed.

This hot-end comes in 1.75mm only due to the installation of the thermistor.

Please note:  The maximum operating temperature is 248 degrees Celsius as PEEK can soften above 248 degrees Celsius.  Due to many variables, affecting the accuracy of the temperature readings and settings, caution is recommended when extruding at temperatures approaching this limit.

In the event that black PEEK is unavailable, tan PEEK may be substituted for the nozzle holder.

  • Internally, the filament path is identical to that of an already proven design.
  • The design is simple as the number of custom machined parts is kept to a minimum.
  • The PTFE is not stressed nor used to provide support. This reduces a point of failure that is part of other designs.
  • A heater cartridge is used as the heater.  With the set-screws, it is no longer necessary to cement in or retain a heater resistor.
  • Heat transmission is improved as there is no thermal junction where a separate heater screws onto the nozzle.
  • Uses an axial thermistor.  There is no chance of the thermistor falling out.


  • Assembled J Head V8 Hot-End.
  • 12 or 24 volt heater cartridge
  • Honeywell Thermistor, 100k, Type 7 in Marlin.
  • PTFE Insulation for the thermistor
  • Hex key for installing the heater cartridge.


  1. Insert the heater cartridge in the hole and set the set-screws to hold it in place.  The set-screws are stacked and there is a hollow set-screw above the standard set-screw. 
  2. Cut and fit the thermistor PTFE insulation then install the thermistor in the hot-end.  The thermistor bead should be centered in the hot-end.  The leads can then be bent so as to keep the thermistor centered in the hot-end.
  3. Solder the thermistor leads to appropriate wires/connectors as required by your electronics.
  4. See RepRap J Nozzle Wiki for attachment of assembled hot end to extruder.

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