J-Head™ 12 HiFlow

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Filament Size: 1.75mm, 3.0mm
Max Operating Temperature: 285°C (limited by insulator - higher temps available soon)

Say Goodbye To PEEK!

Say Hello To The New All-Metal J-Head™


J-Head™ HiFlow™vsThe Competition

Seamless Filament Path

Electrical Isolation

Supported Heat Break

Adjustable Multi-Top™

Dual Thermistor Ready

1.93mm²Heat Break Cross-Sectional Area3.02mm²

Compatible With Standard Nozzles

Made In USA

Supports Clamp Mounting

Supports 4.65mm Mounting Groove

Supports 6mm Mounting Groove

Securely Threaded Thermistor

Doesn't Use PTFE Liner

  in 1.75mm version

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What is HiFlow™

HiFlow™ is a properly designed vertical brass heat block hotend with optimized thermals for reliable high-speed printing.

This is accomplished by:

  1. Using a vertical design for high heat saturation encompassing the entire length of the heater cartridge

  2. Screw Threads are bad, the air gaps insulate the heat from reaching the filament path - so the only internal threads in a HiFlow™ hotend are in the bottom section to receive a standard M6x1 nozzle

  3. Seamless All-Metal filament path from top to bottom. There are no - heat sink - heat break - nozzle junctions that provide multiple points for filament leaks

Before HiFlow™

Before the HiFlow™, our competitors had to make sacrifices such as the inability to use standard nozzles on their hotends and the whole thing was only available as an add-on at an additional cost.

We've analyzed the competition and we believe that they were forced to use non-standard extended length nozzles to compensate for a weak design. This is likely due to the realization that if they were to extend the threaded section of their heat break through the elongated block, the excessive torque required to fully thread it in would surely cause it to shear off in the block -- giving you a bad day. The J-Head™ 12's supported heat break system avoids this catastrophe, while also allowing you the use of standard nozzles!

You've already invested in nozzles, use them with a HiFlow!

HiFlow™ Has Safety In Mind

Imagine you are 18 hours into a 26 hour print and your thermistor gets tugged out. This is why we use m3 threaded thermistors in the HiFlow™ for safety and reliability.

We just couldn't hold back and added a second threaded hole for redundancy. By adding an additional thermistor and configuring your printer's firmware to handle it, you can be doubly sure your printer is safer with the added redundancy!

The First in its Class

Thermal Barrier supported heat break system, allowing us to harness the best of both worlds: 

An incredibly thin 0.011" (it's thinner than the layer height commonly used for 3d printing) seamless All Metal heat break that stops heat creep in its tracks -- while maintaining unparalleled strength. 
In addition this provides a protective cage to shield the thin fin-stack heatsink from damage. 


And did we mention? It's electrically isolated from top to bottom.

One more reason the new J-Head™ 12 HiFlow™ is the safest hot end on the market.

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J-Head™ 12 HiFlow™ Thermal Barrier In Action
Notice how it really does stop heat creep in its tracks!

The Competition

We wanted to reduce the thickness of the traditional unwieldily heat break our competitors hotends use. It was not long ago these heat breaks were measured at 1mm thick! This thickness is for the strength they need so they can support the heater block beneath it. -

--We think this is an inefficient design.


Our Heat Break

The magic behind the new J-Head™ HiFlow™ hotend lies in the specially crafted heat break measuring in at only 0.011" thin! And yet the J-Head™ 12 HiFlow™ maintains one of the strongest designs yet with its Thermal Barrier supported heat break system.

--Now there's some real innovation! 

Introducing The New! J-Head™ Multi-Top™

A mounting system fit for every 3d printer

Choose between: Adjustable Height Mounting Groove, Bowden, Direct Drive, Screw Top or Clamp 8mm or 12mm holes!


Bowden Top



Direct Drive Top


3D Printer Upgrades

The J-Head™ Multi-Top™ is sure to make your 3d printer upgrade a breeze.

  • Adjustable Mounting Groove - go from a standard J-Head™ mounting groove up to 6mm grooves for full versatility in mounting options.

  • Thread the hotend straight into an extruder with a proper sized hole. 

  • Use the Bowden or Direct Drive top along with a spacer to clamp straight onto a Smart Effector or other PCB mounts!

The mounting options are endless with a J-Head™ Multi-Top™ hotend!


Genuine J-Head™ hotends consistently print at lower temps due to the way they are constructed.
You're sure to love printing with a Genuine J-Head™ hotend!












Please note:  The maximum operating temperature is 285°C due to the insulator materials used.  Many variables may affect the accuracy of the temperature readings and settings, caution is recommended when extruding at temperatures approaching this limit.

***Keep watch - this section will be updated as new insulator materials become available while we work to increase the temperature range to 500°C while maintaining the quality you've come to expect from Genuine J-Head™ hotends.

The following is a list of just some of the exciting new improvements made to the

New Genuine J-Head™ 12 HiFlow™ hotend:


  • The First in its Class Thermal Barrier supported heat break system, allowing us to harness the best of both worlds: an incredibly thin All Metal heat break that stops heat creep in its tracks -- while maintaining unparalleled strength. 
  • New Multi-Top™ mounting system allows for mounting with an adjustable sized mounting groove or clamp it to a pcb with 8mm or 12mm hole or thread it directly into a mounting hole.
  • Extending from the mounting groove, the new J-Head™ 12 HiFlow™ hotend with its vertical heater cartridge is still shorter than the competition - giving you more z height for your prints.
  • Extended melt zone to reduce the temperature required for extrusion.
  • Removed PEEK and PTFE materials from the hotend - The hotend is no longer temperature limited by PEEK.


  • Leakless design - Internally, the filament path is seamless top to bottom, unlike other hotend designs that provide multiple routes for melted filament to evacuate the hotend rather than through the nozzle itself.

  • The design takes into account the thermal properties of the materials used to produce the best results.

  • All Metal Construction - NO PTFE liner - This reduces a point of failure that is part of other hotend designs.

  • Multi-Top™ mounting system

  • Adjustable length for calibrating dual extrusion setups.

  • Supported heat break - other hotends hang the heater block from the heat break, requiring it to be thick/strong enough but heat breaks are meant to be thin to stop heat creep therein lies the conundrum.


  • Fully Assembled Genuine J Head 12 HiFlow™ Hot-End.
  • Direct Drive or Bowden top (your choice)
  • Heater cartridge
  • M3 Stud Thermistor, 100k
  • Brass Nozzle (installed)
  • Allen wrench

J-Head™ 12 HiFlow™ Direct Drive Packaging



  1. Insert the M3 stud thermistor into the threaded hole on the side of the heater block.
  2. Mount to the carriage with the mounting groove or threaded end.
  3. Plug in heater cartridge and thermistor and enjoy!
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J-Head™ 12 HiFlow™ Datasheet:

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J-Head™ 12 HiFlow™ Datasheet